General information


Rules for the use of a technical library (NTB) govern the overall organization of readers ' service of the Federal state educational budgetary institution of higher professional education "Volga state University of telecommunications and Informatics", the rights, duties and responsibilities of the library and the reader.

  Readers, their rights, duties and responsibilities

  Students, postgraduates, doctoral students, research and teaching staff, University employees have the right for free use of the main types library and information services:

- to obtain complete information about the composition of NTB through a system of traditional and electronic catalogues and card indexes and other forms of library information;

- to receive from the Fund NTB for temporary use in the reading rooms and on any publication subscriptions, unpublished documents (reference books are issued only in the       reading room);

- to provide consulting assistance in search and selection of printed works and other documents;

- receive documents or their copies from other libraries, in accordance with the terms of the contract between libraries, through the electronic delivery of documents;

- to extend the use of literature in the prescribed manner (if it has no requests from other readers);

  Readers are required to:

- to comply with the terms of use of NTB;

- take care of the books and other printed matter and other materials received from other libraries;

- return them in a timely manner;

- not to remove them from the premises NTB, if they are not recorded in the reader's or other accounting documents;

  don't make them marks, underscores;

  not to pry and bend the pages;

- not to violate placement in the collections of open access;

- do not remove the card from the catalogues and card indexes;

- follow the rules of access to the resources of the library network and other computer networks that are provided in the normative documents of NTB;

- observe silence and order in the library;

- not to use mobile telephones in the reading rooms;

- be polite to the library staff.

Every year, readers are required to re-register with all the outstanding presentation of their literature in terms of the installed libraries. Readers who do not reregister, the library is not maintained.

When leaving high school readers are obliged to return to NTB for their outstanding publications.

Upon receipt books, other printed materials, readers should carefully review them and in case of detection of any defects to inform the duty librarian, otherwise, liability for damage to books is the reader who used the last edition.

Students and graduates of the University before leaving for the summer are required to advertise for their outstanding books to 5 July this year. Students who do not pass in time textbooks, literature will be issued after the complete elimination of debt.

Readers are responsible for the loss or negligent damage of publications is required to replace them with the same publications or copies library or recognized equivalent publications, and if replacement is to compensate for their real market value. With the loss of valuable editions of NTB has the right to recover from the reader 10x the cost of the publication.

In case of violation of Rules of use of NTB readers may be deprived of the right to use the library for a period determined by the Directorate of NTB. The failure of individual readers-students of the rules of use of NTB are transmitted for consideration by the Dean's office.

The order of use of reading rooms 

When ordering and receiving books in the reading room of the readers have to present document and sign in book form.

Books from utility funds reading rooms are given on the oral request of readers, and from the stacks – only library card. .. 

Book form and a reader's request is a document certifying the date and fact of delivery to the reader and receiving a librarian, books and other prints.

The number of books and other printed matter and other materials issued in the reading rooms, as a rule, is not limited. Issuance of 2 or more similar books to one reader is not permitted.

Literature issued in the reading room of the main library, can be booked for a certain period. If the reader is not drawn for the ordered books within 10 days, assigned to him the books back in the stacks.

Encyclopedias, reference books, rare and valuable books, periodicals and unpublished materials (theses, research reports, etc.) are issued only for use in the reading room.

Make literature out of the reading rooms is prohibited. In case of violation of this point readers may be deprived of the right to use the library for a period of up to one month.

If a single Fund is missing required library edition, the reader can obtain them from other libraries through EDD (Electronic document delivery) - read more here

The user of the reading room is open to any reader of the library. The use of computers in the reading room, subject to availability of seats is not limited. The user works for the PC yourself. Duty officer provides advice in finding information.

The rules of the lending libraries

For ordering and receiving passes on the publications readers submit a document in accordance with clause 4.3, fill the reader's request or book form and painted in the reader's.

Term use of literature for different categories of readers and the number of publications issued on subscriptions is installed:

The scientific literature is issued for a period up to 1 month in the following amount:

- science teachers - 10 - 15 copies;

- the students-graduate students - up to 10 copies;

- other categories of readers - up to 5 copies.

Teaching literature is a semester or academic year in the amount determined in accordance with the curriculum and programs at the request of departments. The period of use maloamperny educational literature is determined by the staff of subscriptions. The last (control) a copy of the publication is only for use in the reading room.

Edition with apps (CD, DVD, etc.) are issued on subscriptions of scientific and educational literature in kit (publication + app).

Not be extradited to the home of rare and valuable editions, the last (control) and the only copies, Newspapers , theses, books from collections stored in the library.